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This is a beautiful recording and a pleasure to listen to – Sir James Galway

The debut recording of Marlene Verwey is an absolute pleasure to listen to. It begins with the beautiful and dreamy Karoonag, inspired by the tranquillity of a night in the Karoo desert. It then takes the listener through a collection of flute pieces that are at times technically challenging, and at other times peaceful and calming, with the brilliance and musical maturity of the soloist shining through in each piece. This album will appeal to a wide range of listeners, from the untrained ear to the classically trained.

I always find it a supreme pleasure to listen to this recording by Marlene Verwey, and when it finishes, I play it again because it is a CD of first class – Rafaele Trevisani

Listeners will be surprised and delighted to hear familiar pieces composed for different instrument ensembles reinvented here for the flute. Many of these pieces are original arrangements, and contain combinations of flute and backing instruments not heard before. The album combines music ranging from classical masters such as Handel and Mozart to classical arrangements of contemporary compositions by Sigmund Romberg and Coenie de Villiers.

Charming, Calming and Enjoyable

The silky-sweet tones of the flute are the perfect antidote to the rush of modern life, and the nostalgic style of the album will transport the listener back to the time of the music salons. Listeners familiar with the songs Karoonag and Kinders van die Wind will be delighted to hear the arrangements of these South African classics. Melodie de Gluck and its melancholic chant and The Student Prince are two more pieces that will bring tranquillity to your day.

Fast-Paced and Furious

The Carmen Fantasie is the perfect showpiece for the incredible talent of this flautist, allowing her show off the ease with which she can play the most technically demanding pieces. If that wasn’t enough, the closing track, Variations On Non Piu Mesta (La Cenerentola), once again finds her playing at a blisteringly fast pace, so fast that you might actually think that there were two flutes playing at the same time.

Watch some videos and listen to samples of the recording here, or get the full recording here.

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