The Flute

16K Gold

Marlene performs this recording on a 16k gold Wm S Haynes flute.  The rich, luxurious tones of this beautiful instrument give this album its distinctive sound, a full, deep, and at times haunting tone.  Its beautiful, rose-gold colour and exquisite craftsmanship can be seen gracing the cover of the recording.

Visit to the Flute Makers’ Studio

Shortly after she won the Sir James Galway Rising Star 2012 award, she was made a Wm S Haynes Flutes official artist. At the same time, Marlene was in contact with Salon music about this recording, and it was agreed that she would use one of their finest flutes for the album.  Marlene flew over from the UK to Boston, USA, where the company is located, to visit their studios and try out the handmade flutes they keep in their studio.

The Perfect Flute

She spent two days trying out the various flute head joints available, as the head joint is the most important component in creating a beautiful sound.  Doing this was not a simple process, as she had to find exactly the right balance of depth, clarity, ease of playing, and response.  She found the perfect flute in the end, and so the recording could begin.

Notes on This Flute From the Artist

The depth and the abundance of the overtones that this head joint provides, especially in the lower tones are evident in the opening notes of Karoonag.  The versatility of the head joint is then perfectly contrasted in the higher tones in Cantabile.  The precise response of the keys is evident in the articulation and quick fingering in the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.  The rich overtones that this flute provides are unique and should be a requirement for any aspiring flute player.

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